About Penny Lane Cocker Spaniels


The initial decision to purchase a cocker spaniel puppy – and the decision as to where to purchase your puppy will be the most important decision that you will make. This decision will affect you, your checkbook, your time, and your emotions, everyday for the life of your puppy or dog. This decision will affect you in many ways, for example: ongoing vet bills, training, time you spend, and your happy or sad memories. Too many times, someone will cut corners with this decision and they will try to save $100 with the initial purchase (OR commit to a “FREE” puppy) and then end up spending $1000’s of dollars and 1000’s of hours, trying to fix the problem. Or they find out the hard way as to why this dog was “free” (emotional, physical, social). You need to buy a “good” dog in the beginning.

The puppy needs to have pure bloodlines and a pedigree, this is your written guarantee that you now own a puppy that is not inbred. (This is done by the dedicated breeder with your AKC papers&pedigree). There will also be countless hours of socialization and grooming by the owner of the mother dog before you even get to meet the puppy. Lastly, continued education on your part, for the training and manners and continued socialization of your new pet. Everyone knows someone who got a “free” dog and ended up spending those countless dollars and hours trying to fix the dog.

For over 40 years, we have been perfecting our COMPANION DOG QUALITIES. Personality, beauty, and intelligence.