A True Penny Lane Cocker Spaniel is Guaranteed to be:

Purebred and Registered AKC Companion
We have NO inbreeding Guarantee!
We have a Health Guarantee as stated on your signed contract!

WE CANNOT Guarantee

Colors-Markings-Tipping-Trim-Size-Sable-Pretty Colors-Merles-Roans-Tri Colors
This is all up to Mother Nature.
The Colors will be listed on your signed contract. These colors will change will time.
We only breed Purebred/Registered AKC Cocker Spaniel Companion Dogs. There is a waiting list and visits are by invitation only.

We love new clients along with the 12 families that honor the Partnership Program with trust but not with a 20 page contract!

Be honest with your answers and patient!
Please respect the rules and guidelines!